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How To Make Your Ceilings Appear Taller

Due to Project Nursery, we’ve been moving things around quite a bit which is actually one of my favorite things to do in our home to get a free, fresh look. I wanted to highlight some of those changes that I think make a big difference!
big_mirrorDon’t look now, but it’s a rare photo of our master bedroom! This mirror used to sit on top of the dresser we’re using for the nursery. The space above the dresser always needed something more and I love how the mirror makes the room appear taller. I also added a few decorative items I had laying around.
behind_tv_frame_collage1Remember my first attempt at camouflaging our TV? The mossy T mirror needed a new home after we replaced the living room dresser with a bookcase, so he replaced the too-small orange subway art that used to be there.
behind_tv_frame_collage3I also found a different close-up puppy pic of Cali and added an Antique filter in iPhoto for a smooth look. It makes me want to reprint all of the framed photos in our house. I smile every time I see this pic hanging above our TV:)
behind_tv_frame_collage2I replaced the PB photo frame with my thrift store art, but still wanted this photo displayed. My talented sis-in-law took this in their backyard on a freezing cold Oklahoma morning. It’s a beautiful reminder of our adventure to come!
vertical_framesLast but not least, I took the plunge and convinced Ben to hang my thrift store art vertically. Love. it. It makes our 8-ft ceilings look way taller! I haven’t 100% decided on painting the frames, but I’m thinking white with gold Rub n Buff like in this post. Sounds like a fun weekend project to me!

Well y’all, I’m off to see Safe Haven with a friend. What do you think about the moving and shaking I did around our home? How do you make your ceilings appear taller? What’s your favorite photo filter?


Hanger Upgrade

Happy Monday! I hope everyone enjoyed Beyoncé’s show and Downton Abbey last night. Oh, was there a football game on? You know your husband loves you when he misses an hour of the Super Bowl to watch your adult chick flick!
hangers4Even though it’s not Jan anymore, I’m still in full fledge #organizeeverythinginthehousebeforebabycomes mode. I’ve mentioned before how I transitioned Ben’s closet to wooden hangers here and how I use huggable hangers in my closet, but we somehow still had 100+ plastic ones.
hangers1Not anymore! All of our closets have officially been de-plastichangered. This is a shot of my new guest bedroom closet that I moved my clothes into to free up the nursery closet. Target had a sale on their huggable hangers a couple of weeks ago and I snatched them up. These are great for space-saving!
hangers3I also picked up another box of wooden hangers for Ben the hen’s closet. Doesn’t it look like a Banana Republic clothes rack?! I did pick up some extras, but I took these shots right before laundry day so there aren’t that many.
hangers2I also transitioned our hall closet with all of our many coats, jackets and hoodies to wooden hangers – no closet was safe in our home! Since Goodwill won’t take hangers, I just posted a pic on FB and gave them to a friend. This small upgrade cost me very little, but makes me smile every time I open a closet:)

I somehow managed to squeeze in a bathroom makeover in the middle of nursery planning, so check back on Wed for the reveal! What was your favorite part/commercial of the Super Bowl? Any other hanger Nazis out there? Who else likes their closet to look like BR?

House Organization Overhaul

161 days until we have a tiny human to take care of – ahhh! So what do I think about when I wake up in the middle of the night? Organizing our house and decorating the nursery of course! Ben asked me if there’s anything we could do this weekend so I’ll be less stressed. Love him!
middle_br1I will be donating my get-ready room to our baby. This was a no-brainer because it’s the most climate controlled room in the house and the quietest since it’s an interior room. My beloved leaning mirror will move to the guest bedroom.
middle_br3Pretty much all of the furniture will be cleared out of this room except for one dresser. This was my childhood furniture growing up and I plan to paint or refinish one of them for storage/a changing table. Where will all those books and the filing cabinet go? I have no clue.
middle_br2Here’s the other dresser. We’ll be adding a crib and a comfy nursing rocker of some sort. New curtains, bedding, a rug… so much to do!
middle_br4Even though this is the most organized closet in our house, it will need to be completely cleaned out (apparently babies wear clothes) and its contents transferred to the guest bedroom. No big deal, right?
guestbr5Wrong! How do I describe this monstrosity? This is our luggage/boxes of books/extra clothes/crafts/staging items/bedding/my wedding dress/junk closet. I wouldn’t be surprised to find a kitchen sink in there somewhere!
guestbr4There’s not a lot of extra space for furniture in this room, but we will definitely need to add a dresser on this wall between the doors. This will remain our guest bedroom which will definitely be needed for lots of company after baby comes. I don’t want to crowd it, but we’re running out of space people!
master_closetBen the hen’s closet in our master bedroom will need a good cleaning out as well. I would love to get everything off the floors of all of our closets if possible. Lots of this stuff needs to go live in the storage shed.
storage_shedCan you believe when we moved into our house 8.5 yrs ago that we didn’t have a single thing to put in here? We didn’t even own a lawn mower! I’m thinking an industrial shelf could do wonders for organizing this space.

The weather forecast for this weekend is rain, rain and more rain, so we’ll probably be sticking to inside organization. Wish us luck! I’ll be back next week to make sure we aren’t couch potatoes all weekend report our success.

A Little Lamp Love

I’ve been eying a lamp at Target for awhile and then low and behold I found it on a clearance endcap for 70% off! Then came the moment of truth: Where could I possibly use a lamp at in our home??? Oh yeah, the guest bedroom – whew!
Remember in this post where I decided to substitute that blue vase for a “pretend” lamp until I found something better? Well, that day has come my friends! I used a vintage suitcase and chevron box top to even the lamps up.
I love how the glass bases and matching shades make it all work AND that we now have two working lamps in our guest bedroom! The waiting may be the hardest part, according to my man Tom Petty, but I’m so glad I did.

Anyone else have any “pretend” lamps in your home? Am I the only crazy person who gets out a tape measure to even up side table lamps? Who asks the “Where will this go in my home?” question before making a purchase?

Leaning Mirror Love

When I was a little girl I had a full length mirror in my bedroom. I would sit Indian style in front of this mirror to get ready every morning. When we visit my parents I still love the nostalgia of getting ready in front of it.
I’ve had this vanity and ghetto-rigged mirror for years now, but the little Mo-mo inside of me longed for a thick, espresso wood leaning mirror.
I finally found exactly what I wanted at the West Elm Outlet and it was about 1/2 off regular price! I decided to “surprise” Ben so he pulled up in the driveway, saw the box and just started shaking his head:) Gotta love his humor!
Oh glorious leaning mirror how do I love thee? Let me count the ways!
I grabbed this cute basket at the WE Outlet as well to hold all of my beauty products. The organizer inside the basket is actually a purse organizer, but I’ve always used it for this stuff and it works perfectly!
Here’s a wider shot so you can get the full effect. It came with hardware to mount it to the wall, but it’s wedged pretty good between the wall and windowsill, so we’re going to hold off until toddlers are present in our home.
I had to find a new home for my make-up mirror which I only use once a week to pluck my eyebrows. It’s now conveniently across the room at eye level.
I knew from the moment I saw it that I would love this piece for years to come. It will look fantastic in any room! Most importantly, I am in nostalgia heaven every morning while getting ready in front of my perfect leaning mirror.

Have you bought a piece for sentimental reasons? Any other non-bathroom get readiers out there? Who else likes to surprise their hubby with furniture?

A Glimpse of Summer

Oh how I’ve missed you, blog world! Let’s just say that I’ve been on an extended summer hiatus:) I’m back with a few budget-friendly summer decor ideas.
We’ll begin in the kitchen with my infamous staging shelf. You’ll notice that it’s very similar to my “spring shelf” minus the jute wrapped eggs. I just added the picture and candle. The “art” is a gift bag from the Target $1 section.
I also spied this coral dishtowel on a clearance endcap for $2 – holla!
See how it ties in with the coral lantern when you first walk into the kitchen? I feel like this room is bright with pops of summer happiness.
Next on the agenda was replacing another jute wrapped egg that was nesting in the spring wreath on our front door. I had almost given up hope of something “summery” when I saw this orange flower air freshener. That’s right, it adds that spark of summer AND keeps our entryway smelling not like dog fresh!
This may sound funny, but I’m constantly changing out our decorative kleenex boxes for the seasons. I love this pop of teal in one of our bedrooms.

I spent less than $10 on all of my summer decor (the air freshener was actually the most expensive thing at $5) – not too bad! What have you done to spice up your casa during these hot, summer days?

Window Wall Art

Ben, Cali and I took a walk one beautiful Sunday morning and stumbled upon this little guy on the side of the road…
Our reactions were quite different. I saw a treasure and had all kinds of ideas dancing around in my head. Ben saw a junky piece of trash.
I totally proved him wrong and gave the window a new life with a fresh coat of paint. Now, he is proudly hanging in our guest bedroom as happy as a lark.
You can’t tell in the pics, but it was more of a bright yellow and definitely needed painting. I thought about going with blue or white, but ultimately decided on the same soft green as the side tables (Paris Rain by Benjamin Moore). This box top painting method worked really well for our kitchen cabinets too!
(Insert joke about me never being shown doing actual work around our house) Ben is MUCH better at painting trim, but I suffered through two coats!
Two shark tooth picture hangers, two heavy wall anchors and an entire week that it took Ben to hang it later, we had a beautiful piece of wall art with character!
It looked a little bare, so I added a simple star ornament in the top right pane. I love all of the little imperfections, even the paint mishaps on the glass – ha!
While I was snapping pics in our guest bedroom, it felt really unbalanced with only one lamp. I have yet to find the perfect lamp for this space, so I grabbed a cute chevron box (for height), my favorite blue vase and walla! I love it!
Here’s a final shot of my creative, stubborn (no matter what my hubby thinks) powers in full force. One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure!

Who else is guilty of rummaging through your neighbor’s trash? Raise your hand if you’re a fellow trim-painting hata. Any other fake lamp creators out there?