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Bathroom Makeover

Apparently no room is safe from my #babymamahormones these days! I somehow convinced my superhero husband to paint the nursery one weekend and the bathroom the next. Let’s take a look at the obligatory before pic…
bathroom1I found this builder beige paint color off the internet, but it always looked wrong to me. When my friend Lauren came to our house for the nursery consult, she suggested that we match the walls with the tile – brilliant!
sherwin_williams_silver_strand6So our walls went from ugly beige to a soothing silvery blue (Silver Strand by Sherwin Williams). Y’all, it feels like a spa up in here now! The power of paint strikes again and brings yet another room together beautifully.
sherwin_williams_silver_strand3My favorite part is how this color makes the white trim really pop. Ben humored me and fixed the light fixture and mirror that were both a tiny bit unlevel. Nothing like unlevel wall hangings to drive a stager crazy:)
sherwin_williams_silver_strand2We also upgraded to a curved shower rod to give us more breathing room. We got this one for a steal at Tuesday Morning for $10! DIY confession: we accidentally hung it too far out and plan on rehanging it this weekend.
bathroom_makeover3We’ve been using the same shower curtain for 9 yrs that we got as a wedding present, so I upgraded to this fun one from Target and added a crisp white rug. Ben said that I was crazy brave for going with white.
bathroom_makeover1Let me introduce you to the only plant I’ve ever been able to keep alive. I love this little, low-maintenance guy and plan on investing in another bamboo plant for the nursery. The bamboo soap dispenser hails from Tarjay.
sherwin_williams_silver_strand4One more pic to show how well this color goes with our tile – work with what you’ve got! I can’t tell you how happy this room makes me. Now, if only I could organize that linen closet behind the door. A stager’s work is never done!

So what’s the verdict – do you guys like our newish spa bathroom? Anyone else accidentally hang a curved shower rod wrong? Who else will admit to using the same shower curtain for nearly a decade?


Bathroom Sink, Take Two

You know when you finish a project and you kind of never want to think about it ever again? I dare you to ask me why our bathroom looked like this.
Remember when we recently installed a new vanity in our bathroom? Well, everything seemed hunky dory until I noticed a certain trickle…
Yep, our hot water had a leak, and apparently a rusty leak at that! After a few weeks of putting a towel under the sink to catch the water, Ben took a look.
Ahhh, there’s the culprit! I wish I could say that we knew exactly what to do and fixed it right up, but not so much. We assumed that the pipe would need to be replaced or sawed off or something drastic, so we called in a pro.
About five minutes, some tape and $50 later, the leak was fixed! The handyman initially told Ben that he charged $25/hr, but forgot to mention that he charges a $50 minimum (even though he lives within a mile of our house). We both felt silly and a little foolish, but were very happy for a quick fix!

Who else out there has felt like a DIY dork? Are we the only ones who procrastinate fixing stuff like this as long as possible? What’s your least favorite redo project?

Vanity Update

Oh, how that blog title sounds so simple. Unfortunately, this project was the definition of Murphy’s Law! It all began with a simple conversation…

Ben: Our bathroom facet is leaking.
Monica: Really? Well, you know I bought a new one several months ago when we were getting our house ready to sell that you could install.
Ben: Where is it?
Monica: In the top of your closet with the porch light you still haven’t installed.
Ben: I can’t find it. Oh wait, there it is.

This is what our old bathroom vanity looked like. Note the off-white sink and the chrome facet that clashed with the brushed nickel everywhere else.
That Sunday afternoon while I was at a baby shower, Ben decided to replace the facet and surprise me when I got home (insert DUN DUN DUN sound effect).
What we thought would be a simple switch-out became a month-long home improvement nightmare. Ben broke a small piece of the sink when trying to remove the rusty drain (which ended up taking both of us to remove). Oh, did I mention that my mom was coming into town that next weekend?After a trip to Home Depot, we found out that they don’t make off-the-shelf sinks that size, so we decided to replace the entire vanity. Just look at that happy face when we discovered mold underneath the old vanity – yuck! Don’t worry, we bleached the crap out of that nastiness.
My mom was forced to brush her teeth in the kitchen that weekend (as did we for a couple of weeks) and finally we decided on this beauty! It’s similar to the old one except it’s not as deep and has that beautiful WHITE scoop sink.
This is the original facet and the first replacement I bought was a dud. Water would sit in a ring around the drain – there was a reason it was cheap. Ben refused to use it because it made him an angerball!
Ahhh, much better! We took the first one back and invested in one we really liked. No water sits in this fancy-smancy drain!
Let me backtrack. When we removed the old vanity, Ben discovered this strip of oddly placed tiles were just held on by cheap glue so we wanted them gone.
He proceeded to melt the glue using my new hairdryer and carefully scraped it off with a putty knife. Then I heard the dreaded, “Baby, come here!” yell and we discovered 5 holes behind that strip of tile – ugh! We decided that the original sink in the house must have been attached to the wall.
We brainstormed about another creative way to hide those unsightly holes, but decided that was the best solution. Any other tile just brought more attention to it, so 3 Home Depots and 1 Lowe’s trip later I found white subway tile which we attached with stuff way stronger than the cheap glue that was there before.
Thankfully, (besides the wild goose chase finding it) this was an easy fix!
My cute little Pier 1 basket still fits horizontally in the bottom – yay!
I really like how the smaller vanity makes our bathroom look bigger! The scoop sink and new facet really add a modern, updated feel as well.
Ok, one more full frontal of this beauty. It might be fun to put beadboard wallpaper in the space on the front of the vanity – what do you think? Overall, I love how this bathroom has transformed over the years on a budget!

Anyone else have a simple home improvement project take a month? What about having relatives visit during a mini reno? Who else hates mold?

Burlap-Inspired Projects

I’ve been on a burlap kick lately. There’s just something about that soft, brown texture that warms everything up! It all started around Christmas when I was doing a craft project for my mother-in-law inspired by this Pinterest pic:
My MIL mentioned back in the fall that she would love some of the red leaves pressed from the tree in our front yard. We also happened to take a family pic at Thanksgiving in front of their house which was perfect timing!
All I needed for this project was a white frame from Target, a yard of burlap from Hancock’s and some white picture tabs from Michaels. I googled how to press leaves which involved wax paper and some heavy books. She loved it!
Next up was adding some texture to this white leaf platter I got at T.J. Maxx.
See how it would have been white on white? I simply laid the platter on top of my extra burlap, cut out the exact shape and attached it with scotch tape.
Y’all, I have wanted to frame our wedding invitation for 8 flippin’ yrs! I could never find a frame and mat that would fit it exactly. I found this simple black frame at Wal-Mart for $3, took out the mat and replaced it with burlap and promptly hung that baby up on our frame collage wall!
Here it is happily hanging beside its friend, black T:) I’m liking the look of mixing the white, black and silver frames. This collage is a work in progress – I’m already contemplating switching out some of the pics.

What projects have you incorporated burlap into – table runners, napkins, curtains? Any other homemade Christmas presents? Stay tuned on Thursday for a bathroom-related project we’ve been working on!

Burlap leaf frame image found here.

To-Do List

This year we spent 6 months getting our house ready to sell, but we still had a short list of unfinished house projects. We kinda lost our steam after meeting with a realtor and making the tough decision to stay put for now.
Ben recently made a good suggestion (he’s full of them) that we should pick 1 project every weekend instead of trying to do it all at once. Here’s the rundown:
We have a handful of light switches in the hallway, bathroom and back bedroom that need new hardware and plates installed.
I’m kind of embarrassed to even show this pic of our back porch light. The Eskimo Joe’s cup prevents birds from building their nests there. I bought a new oil-rubbed bronze one several months ago that is waiting to be installed.
Speaking of things waiting to be installed… I also have a satin nickel facet that is ready for its new home in our bathroom. I even got a cute coordinating soap dispenser for 50% off (+ a 20% coupon I had) at Kohl’s the other day (sigh).
It’s hard to tell, but both the light and mirror aren’t perfectly level which drives. me. crazy. They need to be fixed for my sanity – stat!
I can’t believe I’m saying this, but we never finished painting the shoe molding in the back bedroom – oh the horror! The main reason for this particular procrastination is because we’d have to move all the furniture… so hard!
The half-painted molding isn’t the only thing that sticks out in the back bedroom. This set of ugly, came-with-the-house, craptastic blinds are the only ones that we haven’t replaced with 2″ white faux wood ones.
I saved the best for last! A few months ago we had a plaster guy come and repair a stress crack in our living room ceiling that extended down the wall.
I can’t believe I haven’t grabbed a roller and touched up this wall, but we just got used to seeing it like this and lived in blissful ignorance. I want to knock these projects out so I can focus on the fun stuff – a home stager’s work is never done!

The best news about all these projects is that none of them will cost us a penny. We already have all of the supplies, so it’s just muscle and determination! What unfinished projects do you have around your house? Any motivational tips? Who else is bound and determined to watch Elf this weekend?

A Hard Change

Hardware change that is. We had a bit of a situation going on with the hardware on our over-the-toilet cabinet. We aren’t doing any major bathroom remodeling, so I’ve been focusing on the details which are usually cheap, easy fixes.
These hinges screamed, “Look at me, I’m a cheap particle board cabinet that needs a face-lift!” I asked Ben if he had ever noticed them and he said he’s been staring at them for 7 yrs. every time he stood up to go #1.
Here you can see a progress pic. I just unscrewed one of the hinges and put it in a plastic bag in my purse. Home Depot had hinges the same size for $3/pair.
I decided on a satin nickel finish to match the knob on the sink vanity, the light fixture and our new sink facet that still needs to be installed.
With the help of my trusty electric screwdriver, I replaced these babies in no time! What a difference, eh?! It went from ugly 70’s to the 21st century!
I’ve considered trying to find matching satin nickel knobs, but I like this simple look too. This was so easy I’m pretty sure Cali could have done it if she had opposable thumbs. It makes a big difference in our 1-bathroom-house!

Who else has done a hardware switcheroo that you loved? Any websites you’ve had good luck with buying hardware from (I hear you get the best deals that way)? What would you train your pet to do if they had thumbs?

Projects of the Weekend

Well, today is the big deadline we set for ourselves – Aug 1st (gulp)! We do not have all of the house projects completed like we wanted, but I am proud to say that we’re about 90% done! Deadlines are meant to be broken, right?
Remember this little out-of-place bookcase in our master bedroom? Well, he got packed up this weekend and is waiting to be sold on CL or donated.
All of the contents fit in these 2 boxes. These are the FIRST boxes we’ve packed for the big move to OK, so it was very symbolic! I like to label moving boxes with what’s in them as well as the room it needs to go in.
Our friend Natalie moved to Atlanta last weekend and gave us this beautiful rustic-looking dresser. Ben wasn’t quite ready to depart with our old hand-me-down dresser in the middle bedroom, so he ended up in the master.
While we were waiting for our paint to be mixed at Ace, I was wandering around and remembered that we needed to replace our toilet seat. It’s been like this since we bought the house. That’s not mold, it’s just old and worn. I was always worried that guests would think we never cleaned our toilet – gross!
Say hello to our new and improved seat! I actually tackled this project all by myself and it was super easy with the instructions. I may have yelled at Ben in the other room once before realizing that the screws were underneath, but I’m sure he ignored me so that I could take full credit.

Anyone have packing tips or the perfect place to get good moving boxes? Has a new toilet seat rocked anyone else’s world? What were we getting paint mixed for? Let’s just say that I would stay tuned for some major kitchen reno in the near future!