Looking Forward

A year ago I was blogging about nursery updates, bathroom makeovers and floor poufs. I worked 2 days a week at a non-profit and had the rest of the time completely to myself. I kept our house immaculate, did fun projects, ran errands, met friends for coffee and blogged. I loved my life.
I snapped this full-length selfie a few minutes ago right before handing my beautiful 9mo baby girl off to my hubby, grabbing the laptop and forcing myself to a solo Starbucks blogging date. I like to call this my “pretend to be cute coffee shop” look. To be honest I am unshowered, I’ve been meaning to curl my air-dried hair for 2 days and I probably smell like breast milk. I love my life.

I also moved 500 miles away and have been living with my inlaws for 5 months. Even though it’s been an overall good experience, I am longing for our own space like crazy! Tomorrow marks the first day of spring which = more houses will be coming on the market. So today I am toasting my decaf hazelnut latte – here’s to finding a home and making it our own!


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