Our First Home

Hello again, my dear blog readers! It feels incredibly refreshing writing for this blog again. My last entry was on June 27th a couple of weeks after our baby girl was born. Since then our lives have been an absolute whirlwind! For reals. We sold our house, left the lives we had built in Memphis for 9 yrs and moved 500 miles away to Edmond, OK to be close to family.porchI had grandeur ideas about writing a “goodbye house” blog post, but it didn’t happen in the midst of all the chaos. I was a total crybaby the day we had to leave our first little home (I may have even circled the block and come back for one last look). But this is a story worth telling!

In the summer of ’04 we made a weekend trip to Memphis with my in-laws in search of a house for us to live in for 3 yrs (which turned into 9) while Ben was in grad school. Oh the best-laid plans…
monsHOUSE024This is the day we first looked at the house. Initially we weren’t too impressed, but after looking at several other houses it became the obvious choice. Little did I know how much I would end up loving this home and all the wonderful memories we would make over almost a decade here!
monsHOUSE026This was our first impression upon walking into the house. Wreaths with x-mas lights as window treatments and random trashcans.
monsHOUSE027 The dining room highlighted a space heater that came with the house – bonus!
monsHOUSE036Oh the kitchen! Dirty linoleum floors (that our puppy would later chew up), fake hunter green marble countertops and beige everywhere.
monsHOUSE028All 3 bedrooms were pretty much the same, one being slightly bigger than the others. Scuffed floors, ceiling fans that were falling apart and more beige.
monsHOUSE032The bathroom was pretty neutral, minus the window treatment and Coca-Cola light cover (which I vividly remember, but didn’t capture in this pic).

And that’s pretty much it – all 1,056 sq ft. Over the next 9 yrs we would put blood, sweat and tears into making this house our home. Besides a mini kitchen renovation we did everything ourselves. We got a puppy, had multiple career changes and brought home our baby girl here!

Stay tuned over the next several weeks as I document the transformation of our first home room by room.


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  1. Awww…so neat to see this!

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