New Gig

After much anticipation, I would like to introduce Evangeline Jane!
baby_girlWe may be a little biased, but we think she is the most beautiful baby in the whole world and we’ve been busy getting to know our little girl. I know I’ve made a lot of excuses for not blogging, but this one was legit.

So what direction will this blog go now that I’m a stay-at-home mama? I’m not quite sure yet. I do know that I desperately need an outlet and miss doing DIY and blogging, so don’t count me out yet! I told Ben that I may need internet access and a Keurig for this new gig:) I’ll keep y’all posted!


2 responses to “New Gig

  1. Congratulations, Monica and Ben! Oh, and Cali too! She is BEAUTIFUL, and her name is just as beautiful. You two aren’t biased – she’s stunningly lovely. It’s like falling in love all over again when you have a baby.

    Her nursery looks amazing! You’re now embarking on the biggest, most humbling, yet uplifting and rewarding adventure, ever – raising a daughter. Mine will be fifteen years old this month. Monica and Ben, you will be wonderful parents, and I’m once again excited to witness your happiness.

    Thank you for sharing your lives via the internet. 🙂

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