Nursery Progress: Curtains and Pillows

Happy Hump Day! I figured it was time to do another nursery update. This weekend we worked on one of my favorite parts of a room – the curtains!
nursery2Remember our nursery mood board that shows white curtains trimmed with green ribbon? Well, I scoured the internet looking for white, blackout, 95″, reasonably priced curtains. They don’t exist. Instead, I decided to use curtain clips to secure blackout material behind regular curtains like in this post.
custom_nusery_curtains3I found 95″ white curtains at Target for $35. The only problem was that they had grommets at the top which I simply cut off at the hem. Before any curtains were harmed, I clipped the grommets back and made sure the length was good.
blackout_nursery_curtainsI spy a baby bump in this pic! Ben took these pics so I would have proof that I do a few things around here:) I used a 60% off coupon at Jo-Ann’s to get 5.5 yards of blackout material for $15 and cut it to the exact size of the curtains.
curtain_hangingNext up was the painful process of curtain rod hanging. Even though we reused the rod, the old curtains were 84″ and I wanted to hang these to ceiling length. We also hung them 10″ outside of the windows. This is a little trick to make your windows appear taller, wider and to let more natural light in.
white_nursery_curtains2Ben had the brilliant idea of flipping the curtains around and hanging them by their “butts” so that the hem would look all pretty on top. You can’t even tell that the blackout material is hanging behind, but it makes a huge difference!
custom_nusery_curtains1My vision was finally starting to come together. It’s amazing how much curtains can add to a room, but there was still a little something missing…
custom_nursery_curtains4It was time to trim out those plain curtains with some ribbon. I grabbed Heat N’ Bond iron on hem tape from Michael’s, 1 1/2″ ribbon from Jo-Ann’s and scissors. I ended up just using the hemline as a guide instead of the leveler.
curtain_trimI used this pic for inspiration on how far over to place the ribbon.
custom_nusery_curtains5Have I mentioned how easy this stuff is to use? First I ironed the tape onto the ribbon, pulled off the paper and then ironed it onto the curtains. I use my iPhone stopwatch rather than the “Mississippi” method to count my seconds:)
custom_nursery_curtains2In no time I was done and couldn’t wait to get those babies rehung! We also plan on adding bamboo blinds behind the curtains for more darkening. We like to sleep like vampires, so we wouldn’t want anything less for our baby girl!
white_nusery_curtains1Oh what a difference a little emerald green accent ribbon can make! As you can see, it helps tie in those custom-made pillows perfectly.
custom_nursery_pillowsMy friend Lauren made these and she did a fantastic job! She used the same green ribbon as piping for two pillows and as accent ribbon for the other.
nursery_rocker_lampThere’s also a matching lumbar pillow for the rocker. The accent colors for the nursery are coral and emerald green so these are perfect! I also picked up this cute floral accent lamp at Target. It’s the first “girly” item I’ve bought, but I absolutely love how it pulls all the nursery colors together!

So what do y’all think of our progress? Anyone else try trimming out curtains with ribbon? Speaking of vampires, will I be the only one standing in line to buy Breaking Dawn 2 on DVD next week?

Curtain image found here.


3 responses to “Nursery Progress: Curtains and Pillows

  1. Love it!–Grandma Kathy

  2. So cute! I love your plan for the nursery. Have fun decorating for the baby!

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