Thrift Store Art

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I picked up a piece of thrift store art a few weeks ago. Wait, is the Habitat for Humanity Restore considered a thrift store? Who knows! What you don’t know is that my artwork had a twin which I didn’t initially get, but couldn’t stop dreaming thinking about.
thriftstore_pic1I decided if it was still miraculously there when I went back that it was a sign. Apparently these sisters did not want to be apart:) They are hanging in our living room and I’m excited to pull the orange out of the paintings in some pillows.
pottery_barn_frameAs a reminder, this Pottery Barn oversized frame is what was there before. I loved this piece, but the cream mat and mahogany finish clashed with everything else in our living room. I was also just ready for a change!
thriftstore_pic3It was the bamboo frames that initially drew me to these pieces. I have a thing for bamboo in case you didn’t know. I’m still debating painting them, but can’t for the life of me figure out what color would work. I’ve thought about white, gold, black??? The distressed look is kinda growing on me.
thriftstore_pic4I love how the art itself is pieced together in a cool, puzzle-like texture instead of just being plain jane. See what I mean about what color the frame should be?
thriftstore_pic2I should also mention that they are currently hanging on the old anchors from the PB frame. I’ve been going back and forth about whether to stack them vertically to draw your eye upward or to just off-center them more.

So… this is obviously a work in progress! Should I paint the frames? How should I hang them on the wall? Anyone else score some thrift store art?


4 responses to “Thrift Store Art

  1. I love the idea of stacking them on top of each other…and also lightening up the frames. It would help the bamboo stand out for sure…maybe white with gold accent…or even black with gold accent…just a thought.
    I love what she did there.
    Can you tell I have a lot of time on my hands? 🙂

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