Nursery Painting

This weekend I nicely asked begged Ben to paint the nursery and he got his mad painting skills on. This may be the fourth time we’ve painted this room in 8 yrs. Wow, I must have a hubby with the patience of Job!
middle_br3This is the deep tan color it was looking like pre-painting. Especially after finding out that we’re having a GIRL, I felt like this color was too masculine and fleshy.
nursery_painting3So we took it from Coastal Path to Filmy Green Baby Girl Green! Seriously, isn’t that the worst paint color name you’ve ever heard of?! We happily renamed it.
nursery_painting6Here you can see the 2 paint sample squares on the wall. The other one was called Sea Salt, but it was too blue. Have I mentioned that $3 paint samples are worth their weight in gold? I get the Olympic, No-VOC samples at Lowe’s and they can look up SW and BM paint colors in their system.
nursery_painting7We choose our usual go-to Benjamin Moore Natura No-VOC paint which isn’t cheap at $60/gallon, but totally worth it to us and our unborn baby’s health. Ben started with the cutting in and ended up doing 2 full coats.
nursery_painting5Here’s a shot from when you first walk in. How much a can of paint can completely transform a room still amazes me. I absolutely love how it turned out and can’t wait to start piecing this nursery together!
nursery_painting4That dresser is getting a makeover and staying put, but we’ve figured out a solution to get the filing cabinet out of there – whew!
nursery_painting2The weekend before we worked our butts off clearing out this room (including the closet)! We moved the other dresser and my leaning mirror into the guest bedroom and took a ginormous carload of stuff to Goodwill.
nursery_painting9I convinced Ben to invest in this Target bookcase which we put in the living room. We were able to fit all the books from the nursery with room to spare. Oh, and I sold the old dresser that used to be there on Craigslist for $35!
nursery_painting_8We also added this medallion to our ceiling fan. When we installed this new fan the base was smaller and the old paint showed. We had to take down the entire fan and reinstall it. This was a nightmare! Somehow we’re still married.
nursery_painting1One more after pic. I’m thinking that one of our weekend projects will be to spray paint all of our door handles ORB like in this blog post. That brass is killing me and my beautiful nursery plans softly!
ben_caliCali has been a very patient puppy throughout all of these house projects and changes. I think she knows something is up:) Also, I have the bestest husband in the entire world – love him!

So what do y’all think about the big nursery paint reveal? Any other horrible paint color names you’ve come across? Who can guess our next nursery project?


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