Christmas Musings

It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas at our house. First of all, I have a big blog announcement after the beginning of the year – I hope to add some spice and a new direction for this blog! Let the Christmas tour begin…
christmas1I picked up that robin egg blue plate at Homegoods. I already had the sparkly JOY letters from the $2.50 section at Target last year, so I just used a command strip to temporarily attach it. I love how the blue compliments the red Santa!
christmas2Our kitchen rooster even got a little Christmas makeover:) Have I mentioned that Ben picked out this guy for our home as a gift to me? #whoknew
christmas4Moving on to the dining room. This is identical to last year except for I added the oversized brown ornaments I picked up at Target’s after x-mas sale. Notice my ginormous shiny red purse hanging in the background? Love.
christmas5We should start calling our tree Old Faithful because it continues to look exactly the same year after year. My plan is to add like 100 more ornaments next year and I’d love to incorporate some burlap, but it just didn’t happen this year.
christmas6I did switch up our “mantel” this year since it had a burlap background from this project. I added some greenery at the top and opted for that snowflake rather than a pic. The colors remind me of Katy Perry’s last tour.
christmas1Last but not least, I was super excited to pull out my star ornament candle toppers which make me happy. Well, that’s our little version of Christmas.

Anyone want to venture a guess about my new blog direction? What’s your favorite thing to get out of the attic for Christmas (a good friend of mine adores her mini snowman nativity scene:)? Who else is done with their x-mas shopping?


5 responses to “Christmas Musings

  1. I like your “old faithful” Christmas tree. Don’t fix what ain’t broke in my opinion. 🙂 Yes…I am an English teacher. Just rebelling…..

  2. As no one has yet, I’ll take a guess about the direction of your blog. In the stockings photo, I see there’s a new little one with a ‘C’ on it. I couldn’t find where you mentioned your pup by name, but dogs usually get bigger stockings, so…here it is. You have a baby on the way! Therefore, you’ll be putting together a nursery! If I’m wrong, my apologies, but I’m really excited to see your nursery if I’m right.

    • Jamie, the ‘C’ stocking was actually for our golden retriever Cali. You were on the right track though – we are in fact preggers!

      • CONGRATULATIONS! That’s so exciting! And I later realized that the golden’s name is Cali, and felt silly about the dog stocking remark. What can I say? Mine let their feelings get hurt if their stockings aren’t at least the same size as everyone else’s! I’m really looking forward to seeing what amazing things you’re going to do.

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