Fabric Field Trip

Yesterday I went on a highly dreaded fabric field trip. Why would I torture myself in this way you might ask? When you’re fed up with your living room curtains/pillow combo, you resort to drastic measures.
I started at Hancock Fabrics because I had a coupon and knew they were having a blow-out sale. Then I ventured to a local fabric store called Discount Fabrics which was recommended by a friend and finished up at Pier 1.

Here’s a sampling of some fabrics I was drawn to. Now, if only I had a designer friend who could help me figure out my style and how to put this all together! It’s hard for me to envision the final product.

Anyone else have a case of the fabric blues? How did you figure out your design style? Who likes brainstorming, but hates shopping?


2 responses to “Fabric Field Trip

  1. I used the fabric in the second row…the first one on the left to make pillows for my living room. Love them! Fabric stores are amazing! Love textiles. Usually buy what I love that is on sale.

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