Shutters, Doors and Paint Colors… Oh My!

I feel like our house has had a broken arm coming up on a year now. Last spring we had a doozy of a windstorm that demolished one of our front shutters. That is until this weekend when my sassing finally paid off and Ben replaced it…
The original plan was to hang the missing shutter, wash off the others on Saturday, and then paint them on Sunday. I ended up being paralyzed with fear about picking the wrong paint color in a hurry, so (to the horror of our neighbors) this mismatched look is what’s going on right now.
My initial thought was to paint the shutters a neutral color (like muddy brown or gray) and then paint the front door a fun pop of color. I like the muted yellow.
If we went red again, I would want something more like this fire engine red. I’m not sure if it would work with the muted red stones on our house though.
I’ve also been drawn to blues a lot in my Pinterest searching. I think it would be a nice complimentary color for the stone.
I’m also keeping in mind that it would be nice not to have to repaint when we put it on the market someday. I could go with more of a muted tone of a color I like such as this soft turquoise – love it! I think ultimately I’m going to have to paint the porch a neutral color as well so it doesn’t clash with my vision.

So what do y’all think? This could make or break our curb appeal (no pressure)!

Door images found here.


6 responses to “Shutters, Doors and Paint Colors… Oh My!

  1. Janelle Hatzenbuehler

    Monica! Go w/ soft turquoise!!!! If you do yellow then you’ll always be like ‘oh I have a yellow door’ If you do red then you might as well be Kay McFarland (she has a red door & we don’t want to talk about it). The blue was fun but NOBODY has a soft turquoise door except for cool people in New York. . . Do It!!! Now I’m jealous 😀

  2. i love the blues!!!!!!!!!! but anything you choose will look awesome!

  3. Most definitely paint the porch! I think the shutters and the porch would look great in the same color – a light gray would be cool (like the color of the stones on the porch of the home with the bright turquoise door). I would probably lean towards the more muted door color, but I just tend more towards those tones.

  4. I like the yellow best. Its bright (but not too) and cheery. It will go nicely with your stones in your house and you won’t have to repaint when you sell.

  5. I love everyone’s input (Janelle, you crack me up)! After grabbing some paint swatches and holding them up at different times of day, we decided on Benjamin Moore’s ashley gray (a greige) for the shutters/porch and Benjamin Moore’s wythe blue for the door (a muted turquoise). We hope to knock it out this weekend!

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