Dining Room Art Take 2

I must admit that Ben and I have been letting the sun go down on our anger (a.k.a. disagreeing on dining room art). This is what it looks like today after I recently purchased a print and used a frame I already had.
After living with this option for a few weeks, I’m not loving it. I emailed this pic to Ben asking him what he thought about hanging multiple white frames on that wall with B&W pics and mementos that mean things to us.
His response was that we would be putting a lot of holes in the wall and personalizing our home. I’ve taught my man well in recognizing the difference between staging and personalizing, but I’ve been pouting ever since.
I wonder what Mr. Holes in the Wall would think about this colorful plate art display? I heart it!
This might be a compromise to hang floating shelves with frames leaning on them and only a few hanging on the wall.
I’m always a sucker for a good tree mural. I love how the chair rail height shelf breaks it up while adding display space.

The root of our argument was really whether we should be personalizing our home (since we’ll be staying in Memphis for awhile) or keep it neutral to sell (since we want to end up in OK). Gotta love being married to a therapist!

So are you Team Monica or Team Ben (we’re considering making t-shirts)? Anyone else second guess an art decision? Which option is your favorite?

Images found here, here, and here.


16 responses to “Dining Room Art Take 2

  1. I’m Team Ben, obviously. I do not like the plates–too busy and holey. I love the tree mural thing, but it doesn’t seem practical (I know that’s usually the point of decorating–not being practical). Momentos is growing on me the more I think about it. The print, though, gets my vote.

  2. Sorry ben! I’m team Monica. I have been pinning wall plates lately too! I think my favorite is the idea of shelves and a few pics. Then you can place a larger variety of things (including a plate or two!). I think if your house is on the market with showings keep it neutral. What happened with that btw?

  3. No wall murals of birds and trees. It’s fun, but it’s run its course with the silhouettes. The plates are awesome. A few tiny holes isn’t going to hurt anyone or deter anyone from buying your home. Plus the picture you have is the wrong scale. I’m with Mon. I’m also voting for the shallow shelves with various sizes of white matting in various sizes. It’ll help brighten the room and reflect some light.

  4. In an effort to stop the two of you from going to bed angry with each other, I have devised a plan:
    Take a digital photo of some framed photos hanging on a wall. Then, using photo editing software, replace all the photos in the frames with your personal photos. Lastly, print this on a poster size to fit your previously purchased poster frame.

    You are only out the cost of the poster-sized print, monetarily speaking. You put no more holes in the wall than you have already. And, it’s sort of creative. And, creativity is all the rage. 🙂

    I made a visual for you because I love GIMP and I’m a geek. See it here: http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f126/mynameismud18/dining_art3.jpg

  5. Could it be that this disagreement is about more than dining room decor? Perhaps if you talk about decorating then you won’t have to talk about what everyone wants to know: what’s the plan for moving? I’m team kick in the pants, take a leap of faith, act now and think later–whatever you want to call it. I say all this with lots of love so please take no offense! GO TEAM TAKE ACTION!

  6. I’m with Team Benica : )

  7. Definitely momentos.

  8. I vote for a compromise (because that’s how I roll). Hang floating shelves then place B&W photos, plates, meaningful momentos, and nature photos. That way, you can incorporate elements that each of you likes. When you have an open house, remove the personal items and rearrange the remaining items. Everyone wins!

  9. I’ll comment again only because this is how I really feel. Despite realtors’ advice (and no doubt echoed by stagers) is to keep things neutral, well kept, and void of personal items such as photos and such. While I agree with two-thirds of that, I can’t fully agree with the last one. If the personal touch is creative and beautiful (think Pinterest) then I believe that most people who view your home would get inspired. The creative inspiration they receive while in your home can also convince people to buy, even if it includes some personal photos.

  10. Wow, I love all of your ideas & suggestions – you’ve inspired me to take this dining room wall by the reins!!

  11. i ❤ the plates! but anything you come up with will look great! come stage my house!!!!!!!! and let's paint! 🙂

  12. You personalizing your home would really just be free staging, right? It would always be in a state of ready-to-sell!

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  14. The print is too small in the first photo. While staging might be the preferred method from the realtor’s perspective, I HATE staged homes. Give me personalized and homey any day over generic and boring. If you decorate the room the way YOU want, and you get loads of compliments, then don’t worry about it. If people don’t like it, try again. Cookie-cutter Pottery Barn homes are BORING!

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