Dining Room Art Take 2

I must admit that Ben and I have been letting the sun go down on our anger (a.k.a. disagreeing on dining room art). This is what it looks like today after I recently purchased a print and used a frame I already had.
After living with this option for a few weeks, I’m not loving it. I emailed this pic to Ben asking him what he thought about hanging multiple white frames on that wall with B&W pics and mementos that mean things to us.
His response was that we would be putting a lot of holes in the wall and personalizing our home. I’ve taught my man well in recognizing the difference between staging and personalizing, but I’ve been pouting ever since.
I wonder what Mr. Holes in the Wall would think about this colorful plate art display? I heart it!
This might be a compromise to hang floating shelves with frames leaning on them and only a few hanging on the wall.
I’m always a sucker for a good tree mural. I love how the chair rail height shelf breaks it up while adding display space.

The root of our argument was really whether we should be personalizing our home (since we’ll be staying in Memphis for awhile) or keep it neutral to sell (since we want to end up in OK). Gotta love being married to a therapist!

So are you Team Monica or Team Ben (we’re considering making t-shirts)? Anyone else second guess an art decision? Which option is your favorite?

Images found here, here, and here.


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