Dining Room Art

Ever since we painted our living and dining rooms a light gray, I’ve been trying to warm them up with pops of color. Within a week after painting, we couldn’t stand it anymore and picked up this piece from Garden Ridge.
Ben’s FAVORITE thing to do is hold up stuff in stores for me to take pics for my blog – seriously, he has a problem. We went a little overboard with color and didn’t take into account whether this fit in with our style or the rest of our decor.
Here’s a shot of what it looks like on the wall. It definitely stands out, but not so much in a good way. I’ve always second-guessed this piece of art. Then yesterday I was browsing Hobby Lobby for a fall wreath project and spotted a poster print I liked. It reminded me that I had a black wood poster frame at home in a closet.
Dear Tom Petty, I love your music, but have not found a way to incorporate your awesome movie poster into my decor. Your Fan Always, Monica. That being said, I picked up the poster at HL for 50% off and brought it home to test the waters.
I’ve seen this as a stretched canvas print at Bed Bath & Beyond for $100, but I scored it for $18 since I already had the frame at home. It’s called Blossom Melody by artist L. Carson and I love how the colors blend together.
Am I allowed to frame a poster for art as an adult? I’m not sure. I like it much better than the flaming red trees, but it’s still on a 60-day probation period before we give it any vacation days or anything.

I’d really like to get some opinions on the new art – I promise you won’t hurt my (or Tom Petty’s) feelings. What are your thoughts on canvas prints without frames? Anyone else out there a poster rebel even into adulthood?


7 responses to “Dining Room Art

  1. I feel like both options need more. Something on either side of the picture like cool matching plates or those bright round place mats they sometimes have at Bed, Bath and Beyond? But, really, what do I know? I often create eye sores for my own decorative flair.

  2. Hanging wall sconces for candles perhaps?

  3. Rebecca Cupp-Versyp

    I agree that the art needs more. It’s such a large wall and the picture doesn’t fit it correctly. I like the idea of bright place mats and something around the Blossom Melody.

    As for posters in adulthood, I think that they can be okay, especially with a frame and possibly a mat. I get to use the excuse of having a kid. 🙂

    And I think canvas prints without frames are great… in the right space. Some canvas art need frames b/c of their placement.

  4. I vote for the blossoms! Love the way they look in that room.

  5. I know it’s not appropriate for showing a house, but I think you should have Tom up – that’s the true Monica. With that being said, both look fine in the space, which one makes you smile more? I’m guessing the blossoms.

  6. I appreciate all the comments! After living with the poster over the weekend, I’m not sure that it’s “the one” so we’ll see what I come up with next:) I agree that the wall needs something more or a bigger piece of art.

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