New Guest Room Meanderings

Lately I feel like we’ve been playing musical chairs bedrooms. By the way, I think it’s super nice of Rihanna to write a song specifically for us and our new bed.
Since the California King Bed would only fit in the other bedroom and we ditched our Full size bed, our old bedroom has become the new guest bedroom. This is strange because now our old guest bedroom that I recently redid only has a twin bed. Confused yet? I know I am.
Here is our sad, abandoned new guest bedroom now. Don’t get me wrong, I am very excited to have a comfortable queen bed for our guests rather than a full. In fact, this weekend some of our good friends from The Shire New Hampshire are visiting. I’ve been scrambling around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to repurpose this room into a guest room and make it feel comfortable.
For instance, our friends probably don’t want to stare at that giant wedding pic of us while they’re sleeping. The laundry basket in the corner obviously has to go as well – nothing like airing your dirty laundry. I also need to temporarily relocate all my shoes and clothes hanging in that closet to another room so they can hang their stuff. Ahhh, the joys of having teeny tiny closets in old houses!

I’ve also been trying to come up with a bedding solution. Since we haven’t bought bedding for the new bed, we’ve been using the too small queen bedding from our old bed. Since budget-conscious Ben probably won’t be in favor of getting new bedding before Friday, I’ll have to play around with what we’ve got. Speaking of the new bedroom, here’s a sneak peak of a project in the works.
Anyone else out there like testing fate by picking curtains before bedding or a paint color? What can I say, I like to live life on the edge! What small touches do you add to your guest room to make your peeps feel at home?


5 responses to “New Guest Room Meanderings

  1. Fresh flowers, little hotel sized soaps and shampoos in a bowl, drawer space, counter space, a sound machine, a magazine or two…. Loving your blog!! :))

  2. We used to have a guest room and for a long time I felt like I must have one. However, now we have turned it into a very functional his and hers office. I feel a little silly about the year I had the guest room that rarely got used versus now having the office that gets used daily. I realize that some people have many bedrooms to spare, but we Bushmans just have the one extra room and guests aren’t getting it! 🙂

    • Bobbie, that’s funny b/c we had an office for years that we never used. We have guests several times a year since we live away from both of our families, so this works for us!

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