Guest Bedroom Makeover

I’m a sucker for mini room makeovers on a budget. There are endless ways to be creative and to repurpose items. Just this week I found myself wandering down the aisles of Garden Ridge trying to figure out how to make curtains out of a tablecloth or shower curtain (yes, I’m still on a hunt for the perfect curtains for the living room that I blogged about here). It’s like a game, only WAY more fun than trivial pursuit.Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, a newly married couple bought a 1950’s home. This pic of the guest bedroom is one of the first pics we took of our house when we toured it 6 yrs. ago. It has great bones – beautiful hardwood floors, neutral wall color, and both crown and floor molding. Having moved from a 1-bedroom apartment, we were thrilled to have 2 extra bedrooms to host guests and have office space.When we first moved in, I focused on the other rooms of the house and kinda let this one fall by the design wayside. It wasn’t horrible, just kinda plain and I desperately wanted to add some pops of color. I liked the black and white theme with the black, sheer IKEA curtains and white Ashley down comforter I had picked up from T.J.Maxx. I was on a mission – Target, here I come!Low and behold, the clearance section did not disappoint! As soon as I saw this table runner in the gorgeous yellow and red pattern, I knew it would make a perfect bed scarf (remember me mentioning bed scarves in this post?) So what is the black frame in the above pic for you may be asking yourself? My hubby had the same response. He was on board with the ‘table runner as a bed scarf’ idea, but making wall art out of a table runner seemed a little sketchy.I bought 2 table runners on clearance for $4.99 each and 3 black frames for $9.99 each. I simply laid out the runner to see where to make the cuts so that it looked symmetrical, framed the fabric, measured meticulously (I may or may not have been known to go around the house with a leveler to make sure our pictures are level before company comes), and presto – we have wall art!Next on the agenda was a little pillow action. I am super a little addicted to pillows. First off, I wanted to spring for different pillowcases rather than having them match and blend in with the sheets. I found those brown whimsical print ones for über cheap at Wal-Mart in the Better Homes and Gardens collection. I already had the plain black pillow which I had snagged from Target for $4.99, and I was lucky to find another one for the same price with a fun white pattern. The cherry on top was the yellow rosette pillow I received as a Christmas gift.This was the final product and it makes me smile every time I walk in there. I still want to replace the brass gold ceiling fan and add a side table with a lamp and an alarm clock (convenient for guests) sitting on a stack of books. I know my style may be a little bold for some, but I don’t want every room in our house to look straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog.

So what do you think? Would you be comfortable as a guest in our home? Any other fun tips on how to make a guest bedroom more accommodating? I recently updated my About Me page, so check it out. Oh, and the second I click Publish on this blog post means I’ve kept my goal for 1 month to blog 3 x’s a week, so yay for me and thanks for reading!


11 responses to “Guest Bedroom Makeover

  1. I love this Monica. the wall art is awesome…such a great idea!

  2. Thanks so much, Nicole! I always loved how you & Jason decorated your tiny apt. w/ things you loved from around the world.

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  6. I am in love with that table runner from target. I found it the other day in target and I’m using it as a box pleat curtain in my nursery. It’s perfect!
    Love your ideas here using it for framed wall art and also for a bed scarf. Looks great!

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